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  1. Before going on your trip
  2. Keeping injury free

Most of this info is common-sense or personal preference.

Training before tripping:

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For our short trips, we did no training; the trips were from 2 days to 5 days. Not a problem for most since they've usually been short days (< 50km).

For Europe, we're setting up to do 1 month of pre-trip training with our loaded tandem. Here is our training schedule. From our searching the 'net, seems that a simple stepped schedule is most common.

Day 120km unloaded
Day 230km unloaded
Day 330km unloaded
Day 4-- rest --
Day 530km loaded
Day 630km loaded
Day 740km loaded
Day 8-- rest --
Day 9-- rest --
Day 1040km loaded
Day 1160km unloaded
Day 1270km unloaded
Day 13-- rest --
Day 1450km loaded
Day 1560km unloaded
Day 1670km unloaded
Day 17-- rest --
Day 18-- rest --
Day 1960km loaded
Day 2080km unloaded
Day 2170km loaded
Day 22-- rest --
Day 2370km loaded
Day 2480km unloaded
Day 2590km loaded
Day 26-- rest --
Day 27-- rest --
Day 2870km loaded
Day 2960km loaded
Day 3050km loaded

We would like to be able to do the entire training set, but our time will most likely be more limited than we'd hope before we leave, so I think that out of each 3 day set we may drop one day.

No injuries = Happy cyclists:

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It seems straightforward to say 'if it hurts, don't push it'. When touring, it's even more important because you are your own engine. If the engine isn't working, your not going anywhere. So, as soon as you start getting a pain that starts limiting your progress, STOP, examine your situation to see if it's a quick fix, and if not, take a break until you find a way to fix it. Nothing is worse than cycling upwind in 100km/h winds with a knee that was hurting before you started cycling (and you didn't bother to focus on the 'why' of it), and the next campground still 25 km away.