Gulf Islands, British Columbia, Canada
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Gulf Island Map

The black lines denote cycled roads or paths. The dotted blue are ferry routes. The dotted black is a shuttle service across the Massey Tunnel.
The roads and people are all relatively cycle friendly, and B&B's, campsites, and hotels are plentiful.

Summer 2003

On our way out, on the ferry to Schwartz(sp?) Bay.

Cycling away from Ruckle Park, the best campsite on Saltspring Island! You can get an awesome view of all sorts of marine traffic since it overlooks Active Pass.

3 proud owners of a Bubba keg, ready to make the way up the hill towards our 2nd campsite at St. Mary's Lake (sp?). For the record, Ben had the honours.

Our camp at St. Mary's Lake. Got a bit rained on as we setup camp, but it was beautiful weather the rest of the time.

Summer 2004

Waiting for the ferry at Tsawassen.

The BEST golf course on Pender Island!