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2009 Quebec Trip Map & Pictures

A summertime trip through La Belle Province. And our first trip with our kid! :)


Total Distance: 293km
Average distance per day: 41.84km
Average km/h: 17km/h
Average time per day: 2h28min

2007 Sunshine Coast Trip Map & Pictures

This is a photo album for our trip around the Sunshine Coast circle tour.


Total Distance: 306.6km
Average distance per day: 61.3km
Average km/h: 20km/h
Average time per day: 3h4min

2005 Vancouver Island Goldstream Trip Map & Pictures

We finally did the lions share of the Galloping Goose! From our place in East van straight to Goldstream. Check out our pictures!

2003-2004 Gulf Island Trip Map & Pictures

This is a photo album of a few of our Gulf Island trips.

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South West Coast, British Columbia, Canada
Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada