General Touring Stuff

A website translation utility.
This is great for Canucks... for any country in the world, you can dial to the Bell network and access a Canadian operator (great for those 'collect' calls!).
Short phrases.
THE best map resource we've found. With topo, geographic, and road maps. If they don't have it, chances are they have a link to it.
Current mid-market currency values.

Cycle Touring

Good newsgroup for cycling questions.
A good European city map site.
Used this website to get some brief ideas about terrain, distances, etc.
Just a good bunch of Q's and A's about cycle touring at
This guy has one of the most comprehensive bike maintenance sites around.
A great site for trip planning, country roads, etc. Even has a cycle route planner, from point A to point B, although it has a 30km limit.
A site that details weather norms (averages).
A calculator for sizing your bike to you.

Information on Europe

The cycle store in Weingarten, Germany where we purchased our new tandem... absolutely wonderful people!
A good site for Canadian travellers looking for any country specific info.
The single most important European cycling site we've found. It was great links to a swack of other sites as well as info on routes.
Ferry travel for Europe.
Backpackers guide to Europe (hostels, cities, etc.).
Hostelling international hostels and booking, etc.
European hostel information.
A very helpful bike store in Frankfurt.
Group of 11 'small' (less than 25 bed) hostels in Germany, Czech Repub., Austria, France, and Italy.
Comprehensive site about cycling throughout Europe.

Cycling Logs

Reference site to many bike logs.
A good log of a trip from Munich to Namibia. He has a good log of the section between Budapest & Istanbul.
A brand new cycle touring site, focused on posted logs from various tours around the world. Good source of ideas and tips.
Cycle tour across Eurasia.