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We rode into Budapest via the Donau on Friday afternoon. So, within the course of 5 days, we've visited 3 capital cities! Cool, eh? Budapest is HUGE. Cycling into the heart took us hours. But very scenic. The palaces and parliament are quite the sights along the big river. But before I get too far...

After leaving Bratislava, we cycled on the Donau along a huge canal. Apparently a joint project between Slovakia and Hungary, it spanned about 40km just outside of Bratislava. Hydro-electric is its purpose, but we didn't see the generators. Very appealing at first (we had a tail wind) but almost gave us vertigo at the end (travelling in a straight line for so long along water with concrete banks is not that exciting!). Then we took off South into Hungary for the night to a place called Gyor. Third largest city in Hungary, with a very cool old town (recommended!). Next day, we came back across the border to cycle up the Donau to the Slovak town of Szturovo. It had a MAGNIFICENT view of the Esztergom Dom (cathedral) across the river. Seems that a lot of towns on the Donau were split when the border was made, so there are literally sister cities across from each other. Why did we go back across the border you may ask? Well, Slovakia was about 1/2 the price of Hungary (some people have told us before how cheap Hungary is... well, things have changed.). The next day, we continued down the Donau, across the border, and into Budapest!

Cycling into Budapest sucked. There are cycling routes, but they are not well marked. The previous two capitals (Wien and Bratislava) were incredibly easy to cycle in, with gorgeous paths. Beware when entering Budapest though, because many arteries cannot be used by cyclists (the trams run right alongside the roads and therefore there are no shoulders). Otherwise, the disjointed cycle routes did get us into the city, we just needed to doubleback a few times and make extensive use of our many maps.

Oh, and when we finally made it to our hostel, they were full! Even though we booked online days before! Sooooo... they gave us rooms at a 3-star hotel a little bit South for the same price! You should see our breakie! Emillie is quite pleased. :>

The old town of Budapest is a joy to walk around. And tonight we're off to one of the many thermal baths.


Emillie in the Fisherman's Bastion with the Parliament in the background.

Brad on the Donau with the old town in the background.

Hi Brad & Emillie

Let us know how your thermal bath was, is it as good as Ainsworth Hot Springs ??? Enjoying your photo's and documentation....

Love Dad/Bill
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I'm finally up to date! Took a while to get proper internet in our house. Don't fret about having to come home too early. The way I see it, with your new bike you'll be able to ride further everyday and therefore cover as much ground if not more before you come home. Plastic compact purse eh?... I was hoping for an Eastern European prince!
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