Friday, July 30, 2004


Torun proper

Okay... now for the real blog.

As it turns out Chodziez was hosting a jazz festival. And we probably got literally the last hotel room in the town! It was fun, music was everywhere with players practicing throughout parks, in the hotel, everywhere. I think that it was a make work project for musicians because there were more musicians than anyone else! And they weren't all young students either. (Other make work projects include highway grooming... does it really take 10 guys to clean off the side of a really crappy road? But with high unemployment I think that anything goes.) We got to go to a concert for free in the Jazz club attached to the hotel.

The next town we stayed in was Szubin. We met some other cycle tourists, you can check out their website at:

Torun is great. We're thinking of staying here for a third night. It's probably the nicest city we've been in yet. The whole downtown is the oldtown with many buildings from 1200 and before. We're staying is student residences and it's cheap. About 7$ each! My favourite part is the commercial drive style eatery. I never knew how much I was missing tofu! (We've already eaten there twice!)


The city walls of Torun.

This Teutonic Knights castle has seen better days...

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