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We decided to go across Germany. It seems that youth hostels here are
actually children's camps even though they are part of the YHA!? Anyways we
have been staying in what are called Guest Houses. These can be rooms in
someone's house or a hotel style thing.

Right now we are on the Roman route and have seen a few sights (aquaducts,
amphitheaters, baths, etc).

Oh, forgot to mention this before. For interesting herbal highs and lows
check out They have these stores all over Amsterdam. They
can't sell pot or alcohol, but I was amazed at what they do sell!

Internet access is flakey right now because we're in small towns (and no USB
access..). Also the keyboard is hard to use (they have extra characters
äüö, and some things rearranged). We'll post pics when we can.

Tsusch, Emillie (we are learning german as no one speaks English, the
educational aspect).

Emillie and the Roman ruins

Brad and the nuclear power plant


Party in the square in Werne

Thank you so much for the groovy e-card! I laughed so hard I nearly woke up our young fusspot. Ben gave me a gift from him and one from Gavin when we were up this morning at 2am. Its nearly lunch time now and still pretty chilly outside even though its summer! Very disappointing, but I guess its cooler further up the mountain here.

Sounds like you are having quite the adventure! Cant wait to see the photos when you get them up.

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Hi there, well, here goes again. I tried to send a message awhile back but must have done something wrong. It's great to hear from you two!! Whoever thought this would one day be possible!! Anyways, it helps to know that everything is fine and you are having a good time.

Would love to see that Roman road.
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