Saturday, July 24, 2004



Well! There seems to be no shortage of internet cafes in small town Poland. The place has 2 internet places and only 1 place for us to stay. The keyboards, however, have gotten trickier. They look just like our keyboards, only the keys aren`t the same...

So, we went from Berlin to Bad Ferienwalde. Then this morning we crossed the boarder and we`re now in Chojna. Impressions are... mixed. We are definitely foreigners, and objects of curiosity by the locals. We communicate by using a pigeon mix of German, Russian, and English. The towns themselves are even more run down, and the post war rebuilding is still obviously continuing. The cars are much more run down, and Russian styles (leaving us gagging for air when one passes). Luckily the roads are not full of cars. The bonuses are: everything is much less expensive, the town is more lively, and everyone is more friendly! I`m looking forward to exploring some more.

Oh, a final note of interest: we have been watching the European MTV during our time here. There appears to be two songs, identical in everyway except for that they are sung by different artists. We actually like the song, but find it confusing that it is being performed by two different bands. The song is `Dragostea Din Tei` and the artists are Ozone, a romanian boyband and Haiduci, with a female singer. Last night the songs were number 1 and 2 of the European count down!?! We got to see both videos in a row. I wish we could understand the announcer`s explanation for why there are two bands with the same song!

Do widzenia,

Chilling out on the Poland side of the border.

Outside a church in Chojna.


Vancouver is in the midst of a heat wave with all-time record high temperatures (in the mid 30s, which is hot for us anyway). Today is the Indy – can’t imagine how hot those drivers will be when they are all suited up. Uncle Roger says it is only 6 degrees in Denver and sends his love. I agree with your Mom, Brad – the blog really keeps the worry at bay. It is great to see and hear your adventures.

Na zdrowie! And lots of love,
Mom / Bobbi
# posted by Anonymous : 9:48 AM
Guys, we love reading your messages. Have you seen any impact of the Tour de France or the Euro2004 while you were there? It seems like all the interesting sporting events are happening in Europe these days. Too bad you won't be in Castlegar this weekend but eurocycling is a good alternative. Ciao, Peter
# posted by Anonymous : 12:36 PM
We will miss you in Castlegar as Peter says! You'd be amazed at how heavy Gavin has grown. I bought him an outfit for 16lbs baby thinking he would grown into it and it only just fits him! These sizes are confusing. I thought going by weight would be more accurate than going by age but it all seems to be a guess! And Emillie if you have any tips on the language of baby's feel free to share! Good to hear you are getting to use some of your russian Brad. How is the food? Where are you eating? Are restaurants cheap or are you buying your food from a grocery store (or a mix of the 2). You are doing well with your typing even with the trickie keyboards.
# posted by Anonymous : 8:56 AM
Hey Dina!! Cool to here that Gavin is in a rush for the rugby fields eh? The food is ok in Poland, but the Chinese food is definitely low in flavor (no msg???). Pretty bland, but cheap (a veggie dish for 7 Zlot). We're doing a mix about 50/50 in restaurants and the grocery. Our great, big German breakfasts are now gone, so we're still deciding how to deal with that, but our dinners are great since food is cheaper here than Germany. But in general, a dinner out (that stuffs us) is less than 20 Zlot. Dinner from a grocer is about 10 Zlot. Cheers eh??!!
# posted by Brad : 9:10 AM
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