Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Nearing Torun

Wow, is our weather ever improved... we getting sun almost every day! But at least its not as hot as I hear it is in Vancouver. Our cycling is pretty lax, since there doesn't seem to be much gradient in Poland. The mountains are to the South, and we're cycling almost straight through the middle. We've been in Gorzow Wlkp, Drezdenko, and tonight in Chodziez. Gorzow was glamorous, about 100 years ago, but really seems to be having problems now. Lots of beautiful old buildings, with mildew and dirt on the facades and scaffolding on the first floor to keep parts of the buidlings from hitting pedestrians... the hotels are offering discounts for the weekends!

Drezdenko and Chodziez are decent, middle class style mill towns familiar to BC, but with a bit of history... although old buildings are almost non-existant, probably due to Polands recent past. All new or newly renovated buildings are very colorful; oranges, fuschia, etc. We ate in an aubergine/lime/yellow restaurant yesterday.

The Tour de France is on the TV's everywhere... or was. Lance won again, right? Hard to tell in Polish. Anyways, it was much more pronounced in the big cities... Berlin, Muenster, Amsterdam. But I've seen glimpes of it in Poland. And the big advertising campaigns for the olympics are ramping up. Mostly the big brands. Can't wait for it to start!

Oh, and the TV is interesting (when we get one in our room... the Zlot (Polish currency) is about 1 Can = 2.5 Zlot, so we get nice places fairly often). There's like one dude dubbing over all other languages... he must be a busy guy. And it doesn't matter how many characters are talking, he translates the whole program! And I even got to see a mountain bike show of some guys going to Panorama! That was a taste of home!

Here is our approx. trip map from the 13th to the 20th in Berlin...

Do widzenia,

Uncle Roger, another Gold River for you. Dirt cheap, and located in the city centre! The only trick is keeping it from falling down...

Soviet war memorial... see if the Russian readers can read the inscription...

A lot of the towns we've seen in Poland have most of the buildings post WWII. Here is an example of a church in the city centre of Chodziez. They like the Santa Fe style!

Thanks for sending your detailed updates, I enjoy reading them, makes you feel as if your there, it makes for a cheap holiday. We are in the midst of a heat wave, with very smokey valley's, because of all of the forest fires in B.C. How are you doing in your use of the Russian language ???

Love Dad/Bill
# posted by Anonymous : 9:12 AM
Wow, I'd have loved to have gone to Poland! Have you tried some borstch yet? I had some when I was in Slovakia, very red, liquidy and nothing as good as mom's. Thats Ukranian borstch for you. I bought 3 outfits for Gavin..a 20lbs one and two 26lbs. I wonder when he will be wearing those! He sure is a difficult one to get to sleep too. Cool that you replied to my blogg! Where are you guys off to next?
# posted by Anonymous : 12:47 PM
Heya... Dad, Polish is as different from Russian as French is from English. A few of the words are similar (ogorek for cukes, wischowy (vishny) for cherries...) but MOST are totally different. And the heat is nice here (around ~25C).

And Deen, the Polish "barzcz" is the same as you had... a beet drink. It's good, but just like a liquid broth eh? But hey, it is CHEAP LIKE BORSCHT!!!! and has nothing on mom's.
# posted by Brad : 11:52 AM
Hello from Russian readers,
How is it going so far, Brad and Emillie?
The inscription says: "Soviet motherland will not forget you" which was pretty usual for those times.
We'll continue watching for you guys.
Have a good trip!
# posted by Anonymous : 11:58 AM
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