Saturday, July 10, 2004



We've ditched the Roman route. We just plain got lost too many times... too curvy, and some signs were missing! So, we turned North after spending a luxurious night in a hotel in Werne (thanks Peter and Brig!!!). Munster is very nice (old, with 4 >700 year old churches in the city centre alone). We had a day of walking in the sunshine (liquid and hot) enjoying the city.

Oh, and we've finally found a place to download our pictures! Check them out in the older posts... we've just added them in below. And Emillie wants everyone to know that the special German characters didn't turn out the way she hoped... hence the R&%$merRoute...

Next, we're going to Berlin! One the Europa-Radweg R1 cycle route of which we just bought maps for. It looks great, and now we don't have to rely just on signs.


Brad outside an old monastery

Emillie in front of the gothic cathedral (1375 AD) in Munster

Emillie in front of the Grand Palace in Munster

Hi Brad & Emillie

Brad,we ran into Corie Skinner at an anniversary party, remember him from grade school. Beautiful pictures, keep them coming, we enjoy them.
Hope all is well..
Love Dad
# posted by Anonymous : 8:55 PM
Love the pictures. We're getting a European map so we can follow along. How far are you travelling in a day, do you know? I'm glad to see such good bike routes - more like roads really, whew...
Ich schau dir in die Augen, Kleines!
Verliebt, Mom / Bobbi
# posted by Anonymous : 11:39 AM
Hi guys,

Just wanted you to know we are keeping a close eye on your web site. Great photos! The cycling looks amazing.
Dina, Ben and Gavin
# posted by Anonymous : 9:06 AM
Great pictures!! We got spoiled hearing from you regularly now it seems like we haven't heard from you for a long time. (I know it's only been 4 days)So, I assume you're having such a good time that you are too busy to do more postings. We'll just keep checking. Love,Mom/Betty
# posted by Anonymous : 3:12 PM
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