Sunday, July 04, 2004



Hi everyone,

Apprently when I (Emillie) post to the blog it appears as though Brad is.
So, I guess I'll have to start signing my name. Anyways, we went on the
best bike route today. All along the top of dijks on a two-way fully signed
paved route. The views were of house boats and fancy mansions. A (ahum)
highlight was that the bike route went through the red light district in
Utricht. Even though we were staying right next to the red light district
in Amsterdam we didn't really see anything beyond porn shops. This was
explicit, floating houseboats with girls standing in the windows. (I
wouldn't let Brad take a photo, although he thought you would all find it
educational). We're staying tonight in a cool hostel in Bunnik, and
attending a Euro-cup party despite Netherlands lack of participation.


Emillie across from a canal manorhouse

A view down a canal road

Sounds wonderful. Wish we were there...
Missing you, Mom / Bobbi
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