Sunday, July 18, 2004


Germania East

Well, we've come quite a distance since the last post.  Only 2 or 3 days to Berlin now, and we've officially passed 1000km!!!!  The hostel prices have come down drastically (see below) and the hills have given way to great fields of plains... and windmills.  
A few days ago, we could tell that we passed into what was once East Germany.  At noon, we stopped for lunch in a great little town called Wernigerode.  Busy streets, wooden and stone buildings... really nice and 'upkept'.  The next town we pulled into, Blankenberg, was falling apart.   The buildings, while having once obviously belonged to wealthy people, were falling apart.  All the new buildings were very simple and stark (I guess to be expected).  There is lots of rebuilding though, with new houses and road work everywhere, and a few industrious people working on the older houses.  
Oh yeah, here's a quick list of places we've stayed lately... Thale, Bernburg, and tonight in Dessau.  Our trip as of July 13th made it up to the graphic below...  


How we knew we were in the former East Germany

Machine Power


Scenic village view

Wow, great map Brad! It must be so cool to see East Germany up close after all thats happened there. I'd love to know how much you are paying for hostel's now. Looking forward to seeing those photos! You guys are amazing how much detail and effort you are putting into this web site!! Just wanted you two to know we really appreciate it. ANd thanks for the postcard we got today. By the way..Gavin is a whopping 12lbs 5oz now.
# posted by Anonymous : 3:53 PM
Guys, I'm with Dina. I can't wait to see your next posting. It's like web crack to me at work. Keep it up. We had a murphy bed installed in your room so you guys will have a place to sleep for a while when you come back but...take your time!
# posted by Anonymous : 11:10 AM
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