Thursday, July 15, 2004


Country tour

We have been without Internet for a few days (hence no posts). I don't think rural Germany is very into internet cafes! So here's a rough breakdown of what we've been up to...

We spent two days in Munster because it was such a cool city and my (Emillie) legs needed a break. Then we hopped on the R1 Euro route on our way to Berlin. (The whole route goes from Calais to St. Petersburg). Anyways, we spent the next night in Hovelhof at a Guest house. The following night in Hoxter in a hostel with a kids group. It was so cute, they are all 9 years old, and just learning English, so they're teachers had them practice with us! Then we stopped in Bad Gandersheim (named for a hotspring). And tonight we're in Goslar at a gorgeous hostel. It looks like our hostel problems are over... for now.

Here's some interesting things we noticed:
-we are an annomaly in our cycling tour. Everyone else is either a family or a silver haired troop.
-I love the European bike. Built for convenience but would never work in Vancouver. The standard bike has: a chain guard, fixed gear, pannier rack, pedal powered light, a kick stand, and a person in a business suit, talking on the cellphone and smoking a cigarette.

-Double beds as we know it, do not exist in Germany. You can only get two singles pushed together. At first we thought it was just a cute guest house thing, but I think it's more predominant than that!

-They are very environmentally conscious. You always turn off lights as you leave a room. And you can select the level of toilet flushing to suit your needs!

That's all for now!


A fellow traveller on the road

Castle in Goslar (statues of Barbarossa and Kaiser Wilhelm!)

A view of the countryside that we enjoyed while cycling through the Harz area of Germany

Good to hear from you!! It's interesting to hear how the people in other countries think and live. We've been trying to find you on our maps but we only found Munster. We'll see if we can find a better atlas. Thanks for the postcard!! Sounds like you're having fun. Take care!!
Love, Mom & Dad Zarikoff
# posted by Anonymous : 8:59 AM
I love the image of a guy in a business suit on a bicycle smoking a cigarette...sounds so European! You sure wouldnt see that here. By the way, Ben has put more photo's and video clips on the web site if you want to have a look.
# posted by Anonymous : 4:56 PM
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