Tuesday, July 20, 2004



We've reached Berlin! Which means that we'll be taking 2 days off, touring the city, doing chores (posting pics) etc.

Anyways, the trip to Berlin was harrowing, to say the least! Our bike decided to be cranky. First, it was a flat tire Thale; then the front rim went 'untrueable' in Dessau so we limped into Wittenburg (Lutherstadt) where we handed her over to a mechanic. The funny thing was the mechanic was not able to true the tire either, so we're hoping to buy a new rim. Hoping b\c 36 spokes rims are not common.

Wittenburg was great! It was the home of Martin Luther (hence the alternate name) so it had lots to see. Martin Luther reformed the church in Germany in the form of several theses he wrote as a prof at the university in Wittenburg.

The ride to Berlin was uneventful, and my first impressions of the city are: It's a huge city! How am I going to absorb it all in such a short time!?!


From Brad:
Thanks for all the comments guys! Keep them coming! It's good to see the pics of Gav too... and thanks for keeping the room open for us... it would be a welcome respite after some of the places we've been so far. By the way, the hostels in East Germany have been about 9Euro, with a mandatory 4Euro breakfast (I'm not complaining!).

Lutherstadt from the Castle/Church (we`ll rotate it later...)

Entering Potsdam

Smells of Berlin

Sorry to hear about the bike problems, I hope you get the tire fixed without too much delay. Have you heard about the 7 seater bikes? They have some in New York, they are sort of circular. It's exciting following your trip. Really appreciate all the work you're putting into it, thanks. Keeps the worry bug away.
# posted by Betty Z : 2:41 PM
I guess with all the cycling you've been doing you're lucky this is the first time something has gone pear shaped! Hope you find the rim you're looking for, I am sure you will. Yesterday Ben posted more pics and video clips of the big Gav.
# posted by Anonymous : 11:00 AM
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