Thursday, July 22, 2004


Berlin 2

So, we're leaving Berlin tomorrow for Poland! Here are some of the things of note we`ve discovered in our short visit to Berlin...
- Berlin is STILL really two cities (East and West)... 2 centres, 2 subways, architecture, etc.
- everyone still thinks we're British, so our theory of the country being unable to recognize our accents goes out the window
- Berlin weather is impossible to forecast... or I should say that in 4 days, the forecasters had a 50% chance of being right (of course, there is only a 2 hour time constant for weather in Germany).
- Gas prices are really high (all across Germany...)... we're talking 1.15Euros... or almost 2Can a litre!

We saw the following sites... Brandenburg Gate, Charlottenburg Castle, the Berlin Cathedral, the war memorial church, and the museum of communications (that was my pick... we tried Emillie's pick of the Deutsch Guggenheim, but it was closed!). It's been great to be in a large German city, cause there's food for vegetarians, and stuff to do after 6pm at night.

Anyways, we might stay one more night in Germany before heading off to Poland. We're going to make our way towards Torun (via Bydogosz ?sp?). Since there aren`t many sizeable cities between here and there, we might not post for the next few days, but we'll see.


We`ve published our current bunch of photos (dating from Muenster). A bunch of good ones are sideways, and since we can`t rotate them right now, we`ll have to wait till later to put them up.

German beer sampler

Group photo

Emillie at the gate

Emillie communicating with robots

Charlottenburg Castle gardens

Beautiful pictures of the Castles, keep them coming,we just might have to print a few of them and hang them on the wall. How did you manage with your out of wack rim, Brad ???
Love Dad/Bill
# posted by Anonymous : 12:51 PM
Love the photos guys. You take great pic's! Mom says Gavin looks older now. He is smiling now and the other day he giggled at me. It was so cute. It looks like he will have pretty dark hair and he is already fitting into some of his "6 month" cloths. We will be driving to Castlegar this long weekend at the end of July. Our first long trip. Looking forward to more of your postings!
# posted by Anonymous : 9:53 AM
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