Friday, July 02, 2004


The arrival

Phew, we made it... We are sleep deprived and dazed, but alive. So a
pre-appology for mistakes in the blog.

The plane ride was the usual Air Canada special. Not much to report there.
But the bike ride from the airport was awesome. They probably have more
bike route than roads. Every sign we hit pointed to Amsterdam, basically in
every direction. After weaving our way along we finally found the city
centre (only had to ask for directions twice.) The city centre was an
adventure in itself. There are no apparent rhyme or reason to the street
signs (probably why our map doesn't even bother with names). And there are
no traffic control devices at all. Basically everyone goes everywhere all
at the same time. The busses and trams seem to get the right of way though.
(Probably because they're biggest). We finally found our hostel, almost

Needing food and sleep.

At the Amsterdam Airport

Hi there you globtrotters. Glad to hear you got there ok and had a nice wake up cycle. Must have felt good after sitting on the plane for hours. We will let you know when Ben posts more photos to our web site.
Have fun!
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