Saturday, July 03, 2004



Man, I've never had jet lag before. Makes for an almost psychedlic
experience (and no, I haven't smoked yet). We're cruising the canals today,
and leaving Amsterdam tomorrow morning for Bunnik (via the LF7 cycle route).
Amsterdam is nice, and has tonnes of character, but we're keen to explore
the country more. Our hostel (Stadsdoelen) is 5/10. Kitchen really sucks,
showers are tiny. Only bonus is that breakfast is rather large (all you can
eat). Nothing cooked though, but we get our granola!


Brad along a canal

Emillie in the wind

Hi Brad & Emillie

We're back home from Kamloops, and Ceo, Garfield and Muppet were happy to see us. Enjoy your holiday and I hope to see some pictures soon.
Love Dad.
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