Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Alright... change of plans...

Well, as soon as we hit Bunnik (that great hostel a few nights ago) we
decided to ditch Belgium and go straight East to Germany. No hostels in
that section! Or very few... anyways, we stayed last night in Doorwerth, in
a hostel that was clearly meant for students (nice pub and a beach
volleyball court attached, but a dirty hostel). We then found out that ALL
the hostels in Germany are booked solid for July! All 3 that were within 1
days ride of us! Soooo... we're staying at a very nice room at a tennis
club (very cool... and cheaper than 2 beds at a hostel!) for tonight. Plans
for the next while are under construction....

So, about the cycle... very nice cycle route from Doorwerth to Kleeve (which
is in Germany). We got to take 2 small ferries across rivers. And get
this... one of the ferries was for cyclists only! Placed on what we think
was part of the Eurovelo we were so keen on. But we lost that route now...
not very well signed.
And the border between Germany and Holland? They turned it into a


Bike and sign in Holland

The 'Border' between Germany and Holland

Thatched roof and sculpted trees in Holland

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