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Friday, May 12, 2006


A few pics from Budapest

Here are a few picks from our first day in Budapest. The second is of the Chain Bridge. We looked around town for fuel today, and came to the conclusion that white gas in liquid form does not exist here! After bouncing from outdoor store to outdoor store, we found a 3 story megastore, where the stove guy said "use auto-gas." So, we will. At least until we find better fuel.

We went up to the old town this afternoon, and explored the old Buda Castle. And tomorrow, we start our trip!

Bike assembly line.

The Budapest Chain bridge.

Car gas in a whisperlite can't be great - stinky and way more volatile. Did you check out the cost of a butane or maybe a sierra - type stove?

There was a good soaking yesterday so I haven't watered your garden, but the weather is heating up so I'll be over there tomorrow to vent the cap on the tomatoes.

Hugs to all, E's Mom
Dad says please don't use car gas as it is extremely unsafe.... very dangerous. Buy a propane stove... I really like this site by the way. have fun and be safe. Love Mom R.
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